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"Scooterbaker is not in my system"

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  • "Scooterbaker is not in my system"

    Just got off the phone with NAPA.

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    I'm sure he's right.
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      That is the major problem with so many auto parts store today. The big chain crap has forced many of the small REAL auto parts stores with the grizzled old parts guy chewing on a cigarette with 2 rows of paper books 15 ft long behind him and missing half a finger from a "brake lathe" incident. He has retired and some pimple faced 19 year old who knows very well how to type year, make and model into his computer but has NO idea what it is he is looking at...but he can load test your battery like no other....on the machine of course.

      I am very blessed to have a real auto parts store here in lake smellsomemore with 3 or 4 REAL parts guys. The best part is I worked there back in the 90s and still have a great relationship with the counter guys and the owner. I still actually have my employee rate charge account...sign and go...bill comes later unfortunatly. I am there 3-4 times a week usually and it is like the TV show cheers when I walk in...NORM...everybody knows my name. I dont even have to tell them yr make n model...they just say is this for the Stude...the yami...the bmw...
      Very Blessed, One guy, Doug, he is the kind of guy you throw a part on the counter and he is like "is that a ... off of a 80's chevy pu? He know his stuff, always right or at least VERY close.


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        I worked in a chain parts store right out of high school. They pay the counter guys just a few cents over minimum wage. Try getting a "real" parts guy to work for that.

        Kinda surprised they didn't list Scooterbakers, though.


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          Originally posted by BubbaBear View Post
          Just got off the phone with NAPA.
          I now understand what you are referring to..............

          For that matter: many Millineal Generation kids don't know what an AMC Gremlin or even a Plymouth is anymore..................

          Sold my 1962; Studeless at the moment

          Borrowed Bams50's sigline here:

          "Do they all not, by mere virtue of having survived as relics of a bygone era, amass a level of respect perhaps not accorded to them when they were new?"


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              grizzled old parts guy chewing on a cigarette with 2 rows of paper books 15 ft long behind him and missing half a finger

              Great stuff. Couldn't have [ranted] it better myself!
              Minor quibble: the real guys chewed cigars.
              You wanted the guy with the pipe. They were always more even-tempered.
              When you bite through a pipe-stem, it hurts.

              Back in a previous world-financial cycle, banks would cold-call looking for loan applications (yeah, kids, I knew you wouldn't believe that).
              One afternoon I picked up to a perky miss asking what my next car purchase would be. "A Studebaker," I shot back, marveling for a moment that an actual bank might want to deal with me.

              She giggled. "A...Noodle-becker?" she clarified, cutely. Alas, we weren't able to do business on that basis.


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                This thread reminds me of an episode from my youth. It was late '50s, we were in high school, looking for a part for my friends 50 Ford. We went Ray's Wrecking yard at Silver Lake near Everett, WA. A classic old school junk yard, cars scattered in the brush and young timber. We found the desired part, put it on the counter and said "how much?" Ray, a grizzled old guy, in our minds, with a 3 day beard and an unlit cigar stub in his mouth, said in all seriousness "What's it for, Whippet, Essex or Moon? Like today's kids and Studebaker, we had never heard of those cars and they were closer to our time than Studes are to today's kids.
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                  When I arrived in SE CT I needed some items for my Studebaker Avanti. There are several NAPA stores in the area. I fortunately picked out one who has a senior employee, Doug. He frequently is in the back working with the machining equipment, but during a rush period he came out to help at the counter. He promptly brought out a 3EE battery and some other items I wanted. He was curious about my car and on another trip I drove the Avanti and he came outside and checked it out. So far he has provided the items I have needed or they have arrived, quickly.
                  "Growing old is mandatory, but growing up is optional." author unknown