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Cleaning up the shed to yours?

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  • Cleaning up the shed to yours?

    I have been laying low for a while, but still driving and working on the Studebaker's. The wagon is still a common sight around Riverside, and my buddies Champ truck has been gracing Fontana with its beauty, and staining my driveway as we wrench on it every Friday.
    A while back I struck a deal, and acquired way more Stude stuff than I'll need in 2 lifetimes, and its been gathering dust for a year or 2, and its time to pass some if it on. At this point, I am ahead a little on the deal, and just want to see this stuff go back into circulation. Most has little to no value, and is priced accordingly. My crazy schedule makes shipping items a back burner priority, so local pick up is preferred. If I don't get called out to work, I hope to have a list of the other stuff this weekend.
    Please drop me a message, and we can correspond about more detailed specifics.

    Here is a short list of stuff I would like to move first as I sort through the rest,
    1. Turning Wheels. About 4 milk crates full. From late 70's to about 1996. Free to good SDC member home.
    2. Lark sheet metal, 30 to 40 pieces. Mostly early 4 door stuff, a few later, and several 2 door doors. Hoods, fenders, 2 Wagonaire tailgates, and a couple of deck lids. Also, what I think is a 54 or 55 four door drivers front door. California metal. Take one, take all, lets talk, priced to fit your budget.
    3. Used front and rear windshields, some with trim. Few pieces of flat glass. Free.

    I will check my messages here a few times a day this weekend, and will do my best to return messages promptly. From there I can give my phone number, and address.
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    I'm in L.A. - I'd be interested in some of the Lark sheet metal. Email sent.
    Scott Rodgers
    Los Angeles
    SDC Member since 1989
    \'60 Lark HT
    \'63 Wagonaire
    \'66 Frankenbaker


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      I'll take the TWs. PM sent.

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