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C cab at local pick&pull

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  • C cab at local pick&pull

    Last night a friend called just to let me know about a c cab at a p&p in Sacramento Ca. on Stockton Blv. He thought it was pretty stright and complete. If I can I'll check it out today.

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    I'm interested

    If it looks good to you, maybe you could e-mail a pic to me and I wouldn't mind driving up from Santa Barbara.


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      OK that should be doable.


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        Hey Steve, I forgot to ask you. Was that C Cab truck still out on King Road? Did you find it?
        Jon Stalnaker
        Karel Staple Chapter SDC


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          Hi Jon no I didn't look for it after some thought. But I did go to p&p friday and there it was a 56 long bed kind of beatup but good parts. The body has lots of small dings and dents but solid. The only rust through was in the floor on the passanger side. Sorry no pictures I'm trying but just don't get it so far. It's a v8 w/3sp/od I belive the trans is from a car it's a long tailshaft and has a 2 pice driveshaft. The bed is very solid with one bad dent between the cab and fender on the drivers side but not that bad overall. I did get the grill,frt bumper,turn signal housings and glove box door. P&P did tell me no sale for the whole truck that seems odd. The rear bumper is very cool barden type welded on, not sure how they handle that.


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            Trans and Driveshaft Type

            Originally posted by 55coupe View Post
            /Cut/It's a v8 w/3sp/od I believe the trans is from a car it's a long tailshaft and has a 2 piece driveshaft.
            I think you might mean a ONE PIECE Driveshaft?????

            Factory built Trucks:
            Short Bed; a jackshaft and long shaft.
            Long Bed; Two Piece Shaft with center suppport.
            Both have a "Bolted Yoke" Trans. connection, not slide-in type.

            '47-'57 Two Piece driveshaft, with center support
            '58-'66 ONE Piece driveshaft, no center support
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              That V8 and three speed OD and truck water manifold and motormounts are probably wanted badly by someone wanting to put a V8 into their truck. Hope it gets saved.
              1953 Chev. 210 Convertible, 261 6cyl w/Offy dual intake (But I always did love Studebakers!)
              1995 Dodge/Cummins Pickup, 250 HP, 620 Ft. Lbs. of Torque, ATS trans.
              Robert Rausch


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                You know I realy didn't look at the water pump very closely. And no it was a 2 piece driveshaft just like a c/k shaft kind of stuck in and what looks like a t86 long trans. The radiator was who knows not stude so I think it was a car motor trans swap. If I had more room and money I would unbolt cut out all I could but I don't.