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buggmann's 59 lark wagon

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  • buggmann's 59 lark wagon

    Ok well I'm going to just keep my wagon I would like to know were I can find parts
    Close to home I would also like to do some mods I would like to start with the taillights
    I found Some 61 lark tail lights that I liked but was Told they will not fit so I guess I would
    like To know what would fit and has some Chrome trim I probably will need lots more info
    As I tear in to my wagon

    Thanks buggmann

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    Thats great Man, I think once you get into the swing of it you'll find that out selling it would have been a mistake. Parts are relatively easy to find for being an orphan and once the mechanicals are lined out they are a great car to drive.

    If you were closer I'd be glad to give you a hand in modifying the car to fit those lights.


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      Best resource for parts is Turning Wheels, monthly magazine of the Studebaker Drivers Club; usually fifteen pages of ads for parts and service providers.
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        Well I guess first thing I need to find some one to help me with
        Carb tuning and with the timing so I can drive it more I put in
        new pointsAnd now she is just a tad off so any help close to
        home would be helpful as of now this is my only ride so
        I need to get her going right then on with the mods
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