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  • Desert Car Kings

    Anyone see todays episode of Discovery HDs Desert Car Kings?

    The show is a towing yard and wrecking yard in Arizona that has started picking a car from their yard to restore and the show hilites the restoration. I think they do everything half@$$ myself.
    But today they did a 1950 Studebaker Champion Bussiness Coupe. Awesome looking car.
    They stunk up the paint job bad. It was a beautiful dark blue color, but the spray job was bad and even worse was the color sand and rub out. It was all swirly and streaky looking.

    I could color sand and rub out better when I was 12. But I have been doing that since I was 6, maybe their paint and buff out guy was a drywaller that is out of work...oh wait that would be me too...

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    Most of what they show on their "show" is half-assed work in my opinion. I cant remember which episode it was, but, you could see runs in the paint - rust bubbles that they painted over. Can't stand the show myself.
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      That was an older show..last season.

      But yea...despite how they think they've done a wonderous truth, their work is pretty rough.



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        I loved the platform they built on though. I would love to take that 50 and start it over and do it right.
        I didnt know of it was a new or old, And yes I can barely stand that show also, a buddy just called me and said "hey they are doin a stude..." I had to watch.


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          I thought about the show the other day...why I have no idea.
          Anyway, I wondered if they were doing to make any new episodes. I don't get an answer from the Discovery Channel's website.
          They might be waiting to start in January, that's when the first of the original 10 episodes were shown.

          Or, judging by the reception it got here and other car forums, perhaps not.
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