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Good deal on Oil Filters Wake up CASO's!

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  • Good deal on Oil Filters Wake up CASO's!

    I don't know about you guys but I hate paying $10.00 for a oil filter at the local FLAPs. Up here in the frozen north the Greenies are making us pay an environmental fee now too! I came across this website last night and thought I should pass it on to all you CASO's out there. I bought a case of 12 and a case of 6 air filters too.

    WIX Brand filters too! Studebaker uses a 1049 filter

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    Allen; I've been buying my oil filters from Fleet Filter. Their prices are good as I buy my filters by the case anyway. Maybe for the folks that don't need a case at a time, a couple of CASO's can buy a case and split it sharing the cost. Bud


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      Not a bad idea but I buy them marginally cheaper at my local NAPA. They give a 10% off locally for people with an AAA card and an additional 10% off for case lots.

      It does make you wonder just what the REAL price is though???
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        Be very careful if you are ordering Filters for a Jet Thrust or Avanti R1, the application chart Fleet sends you to is the WIX Filter site, and it is like most Auto Parts Listings for Studebaker... all messed up!

        And then of course, the numbers are all WIX, and according to the Fleet Website, you will get NAPA with different numbers.

        It may work for a R2, they get (2) per Car of Air Filter 42112 which I think is correct and also fits 6 Cyl., but no way does a"2 Brl." Avanti get the same 42111 that all Std. '63-'64 V-8's get. They are trying to list the R1 Engine I guess, but it is not going to work.

        I am surprised that the actual MANUFACTURER cannot get it right!
        At least if you get the right one by your own research maybe at NAPA, you will get a good quality WIX made in USA Filter no matter where you buy it.
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