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  • C Cab Vintage Air

    Has anyone purchased and received the new Vintage Air unit designed specifically for C Cab trucks?

    I ordered one for my truck and we had some difficulty with Vintage Air. They said the unit was ready to go but found out differently after we "finally" got through to them. Since my application was not stock, they said it would be no problem sending out the unit. They seemed a little confused on the hoses etc. needed so my builder told them he would just get what he needed locally.

    I'll be posting pictures when it gets installed.

    Anyone else get one in yet?
    Jon Stalnaker
    Karel Staple Chapter SDC

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    This guy has.


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      Looks like a nice compact unit. Too bad no one makes an evaporator unit styled to look like it belongs in an older vehicle. A little art deco trim or such would be a nice touch.

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        Man I love the idea of A/C out here where we live. It is not as bad as say Palm Springs but that is only 45 minutes away. We have seen 112* this summer albeit on for a couple of days but average temps here in july and august average upper 90's to 100ish. AC is almost a must.
        Would be very cool if it were more of a metal styled to be more authentic and period correct. Maybe even some bakelite looking stuff rather than the crinkled PVC stuff. Awesome set up though, not picking on it at all.


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          Kelly, Like your "Smellsomemore" location!! I thought I was the only one that called it that. We gotta get together & see each others "fleet".
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            Warren Check your PMs and email brother.