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Avanti Production order interpretation.

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  • Avanti Production order interpretation.

    Why would a 16:1 manual steering be an option. What was the non-option
    ratio and does this ratio mean quicker steering?
    Also,anyone know the code for interior color?
    Do the handwritten notations have meaning?
    The written in"Quiet Muffler" also confuses me-were standard Avanti's loud
    on purpose?
    Thanks for any comments.
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    There was 16:1 and 22:1 and power steering. ....and 16:1 is the quicker. I guess you could put the PS on either. The quiet muffer was a charged item. Read the Lamberti papers and you'll get some info on the mufflers
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      58 Manual steering was the "Quick" manual steering, a no charge option and was equipped that way on 293 1963 Avanti's.

      The interior code was ELV which was Elk.

      331 Silent Mufflers was an option cotsing 25 dollars.

      The Studebaker Avanti Production book from the Studebaker Musuem is a must have!

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        I can't imagine many had manual steering quick or otherwise.
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          Originally posted by JBOYLE View Post
          I can't imagine many had manual steering quick or otherwise.
          The only choice was slow Power, or quick Manual and as Mike said, there were 293 '63's built with quick (read that HARD to turn) Manual.

          The early Avantis had straight-thru Glass Packs as Standard Mufflers, The State of Calif. did not like them, and "Stock" type with resonators was added as an option and required in some States like Calif.
          Mr. Egbert wanted them to "SOUND" fast, loud and HOT!
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            Our 63 Avanti has the 16to1 manual steering and it really isn't that bad as 1 may think , Ed


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              Did they have that option on the Avanti 2 the N/A cars ?
              Joseph Kastellec


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                Thank you all. I guess when I have the new mufflers put on, I'll go with the
                loudest i can get away with in honor of Mr.Egbert. Usually , my son and I disagree on"noise"
                where I like quiet, he likes growl. Good to know about the quicker steering.
                No comments on the written script added during production on right side of order?

                ....DIck Curtis
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                  My 63 Avanti also has the 16:1 NON power steering, It has a great feel on the road, however, parking is sometimes NOT fun!! <G>

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                    To clarify, all power steering cars had 16:1 steering, and the standard for manual steering was 22:1, unless special optioned with the 16:1 ratio.