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Ok Let the 56 4dr sedan project begin. Step 1 strip parts car.

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  • Ok Let the 56 4dr sedan project begin. Step 1 strip parts car.

    I have built shelves in the basement, moved the extra parts to them and now have the parts car in the garage. I will do my best to keep taking pictures and posting them up. This also helps share the project with others.

    Here are some extra parts that came with the car...

    The parts car has a 259 engine in it and I have two more 259 engines in the back of my truck. Off hand can someone tell me what parts cross over to the 289. I know the cranks and connecting rods are different from the 259/289 but wasn't sure about the cam, lifters, push rods, etc. Any help would be great.

    Here are a quick glimpse at some of the NOS parts I have been collecting over the past 10 years. What is not pictured is the 2 pairs of NOS front fenders, 1 pair of NOS inner fenders, NOS grill, upper and lower grill bars.

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    Looking good, Joe; congratulations. Thanks for the updates. BP
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      I'll play: which car is the parts car; the one in the above pics that came from Virginia?

      Sold my 1962; Studeless at the moment

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        Are you a member of Kaw Valley SDC? There is a bunch of guys that really know Studebakers.


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          1962LARKSEDAN: The parts car is the car from Virginia. The body is far more rusted than my other.

          ST2DE5: No I am not a member of the Kaw Valley, I know many of them and the Bartels just stopped over to take a look at my project. Lester couldn't get over all the parts and N.O.S parts in the basement. He said, "My lands you have enough parts to build a car in the basement". Too funny..

          Lester will be one that I lean towards for advise and direction. After all it wasn't long ago that he restored the '53 he just sold not long ago. I will probably join the Kaw Valley club and for sure the Ozark Trails club. I belonged to them the most recent and they too are a great group of folks... It was good to see many familiar faces at the National meet last June.


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            does the kleenex box hang under the dash? how much would you want for it?
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              Originally posted by cultural infidel View Post
              does the kleenex box hang under the dash? how much would you want for it?
              Kleenex box is not for sale and yes it hangs under the dash.