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  • Purist?

    Being new to the boards I just thought I would ask. For the most part are people here at SDC purist, or are you all acceptant of modifications that are not OE?

    I feel like I mentioned the thought of putting a Chevy L6 in my C cab and replies to my thread just stopped. So I thought I would ask.

    I see lots of Studes with some cool mods to them but this being a driving club it may tend more towards OE style.

    I really only ask out of curiosity and respect. If most here are of the purist mentality then I will keep my questions and request for info here limited to the original equipment I plan on using, which at this point is most of the truck since things are looking better than expected.

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    I think you'll find all levels of purity amoungst us. Most like to see an original and the idea of going sbc "just because" isn't really looked on as the best solution or the cheapest. It is a drivers club and having them on the street is foremost among most. It is a shame to see a rare original cut up when it could easily be restored but its "your money, your choice" is often quoted here. When you go from original to something else it is to please yourself, not me. It is usually easier to get an answer to a specific question than a general one. We are after all more versed in Studebaker than something else. That said, it is amazing the amount of knowledge and experience members here are willing to share. Check out some of the details in the tech tips that have been put together.
    Have fun with it,


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      Hi Kelly, as Rob said there are a lot of varied opinions, some like modifieds, others original - it's your vehicle do it as you wish, help will always be provided. The one common theme (I feel) is the preference to use a Studebaker engine (whatever it is) as our engines are unique - a SBC is a good engine but after all, so many use them it's all a bit "HO HUM" another SBC doesn't anyone have a different engine???

      Never feel you have to limit your questions/opinions to Studebaker only themes - the SDC is renowned for it's friendliness and willingness to help folks with their issues - may that never change.

      Why, they even like foreigners :-)~

      All the best with the truck
      John Clements
      Christchurch, New Zealand


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        If the truth were really known...probably most of us SDC members have been modified one way or another. In fact, I have a doctor visit tomorrow to determine if the latest modification I had will require further attention!

        Most of my cars are restored to original. Even then, the paint is more durable, tires are safer, etc. To hang around the forum you need a tough skin and the ability to take comments at face value. I am always amazed at what subjects elicit many comments and others that seem to be ignored. You just never know.

        I have found that if you keep your tongue in your is easier to push the foot out of your mouth when that condition occurs. Just think of this forum as a "campfire." It is a great gathering place, equally available to the knowledgable, the bull shooters, and the curious. Pull up a chair, participate, stoke the coals, and enjoy.
        John Clary
        Greer, SC

        SDC member since 1975


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          I agree with what is being said and have loved old cars for a long time. I like to see a good Stock car and I love seeing what owners do to make the modifieds look great too. Having done both ends of this I tend to go for the modified car.
          Remember you build a car for yourself if your going to drive and keep it around, on the other hand if your going for resale your are building someone else a car to enjoy.
          I say "Do it your way" and enjoy the ride....


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            I'm also new to the forum. I just bought my truck on Saturday and I have wanted an old 40's truck for many years. Always wanted a Chevy till I saw a Studebaker at a car show and have been searching for one ever since. I am not a purest in any way so my truck will have lots of custom stuff done to it. I'm a fabricator and make most of my own stuff. So my truck will be built for me and as of right now I have no plans to ever sell it.


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              I'll venture that out of survival of the marque, most here accept modified Studes for that reason. But that suggests the "old vs. young" dilemma that is very real.......


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                Welcome, Kmac.

                I'll echo "all the above," especially for C-cab trucks. There are so many of them out there waiting to be used for something and, for the most part, they weren't suitable for extended highway travel as originally built, so have at it with whatever power train you want to use.

                If the truck was originally a V-8, especially with overdrive, you will probably find it easier to modify the existing powertrain for more performance and roadworthiness...but, of course, the vast majority of C-cabs were not V8s and the early sixes with overdrive were only marginal at best for a 50 mph trip to town for seed, feed, and the current gossip. BP
                We've got to quit saying, "How stupid can you be?" Too many people are taking it as a challenge.

                Ayn Rand:
                "You can avoid reality, but you cannot avoid the consequences of avoiding reality."

                G. K. Chesterton: This triangle of truisms, of father, mother, and child, cannot be destroyed; it can only destroy those civilizations which disregard it.


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                  Been a member for less than two years and have had great assistance from the folks on the board as well as my local SDC chapter. I have found them all very receptive to somebody who is putting a Stude on the road, regardless of whether original, modified, survivor, hot rod, etc.

                  My 62 Hawk is a survivor car and is modified - Cragars, radials, alternator conversion, seat belts, Turner Disk brake conversion, electonic ignition , Edelbrock 4 barrel, etc.
                  I am not shy that I am building it as a hot rod with my young sons. I too was initially concerned that modifications would ostracize me - nothing could be further from the truth. For example - there is an article about our hot rod Hawk in the current Turning Wheels.

                  I would suggest getting involved with your local chapter - they have been a great asset when trying to figure out a car that was built before I was born. They dont care if my barn-find survivor is a rod, they just care that its driven. (although, when we did a news segment for IDYSD on Sept 8, I put it in back behind all the beautiful cars out of deference to their years of hard work restoring their Studes)

                  Enjoy your Stude.
                  sigpic 62 Hawk - Wisconsin barn find


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                    I find the romance of Studes in their styles that were normally well ahead of competitors of the same period. It is preservation of the look that I place primary. I find the drive train, V8 engines in particular strong and interesting and not arbitrarily modified. However, safety aspects such as disk brakes, dual masters, appropriate wheels for radial tires and seat belt additions almost mandatory modifications for a vehicle intended for more than hauling to shows.


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                      The one thing you'll find, despite any personal preferences, is an eagerness to help one another keep/put a Studebaker on the road.
                      If anything, the folks here encourage creative and original solutions.
                      There's even someone building an electric Avanti!
                      62 GT


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                        I wouldn't get hung up about the level of purists vs modifiers on the forum. If you look at the types of vehicles owned by most of the posters on the forum, you will see a considerable number of each.

                        Those on the forum that feel strongly either way will not change and have no reason to do so. Do what you like as those that appreciate what you do will encourage you. Other may just not comment or given a differing opinion which is clearly their right. You will never please everyone, so please the most important one, YOURSELF!!.

                        As far as answers to posts ending. Most posts just fall off the first page in a day or so and are generally not brought back. I would not read anything into that.



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                          My opinion.... whatever makes YOU happy. It is your vehicle after all. You will have to make many tough choices, some of which you might never be able to undo... but like I said... what makes you happy... it is what it is!


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                            Best advise is to develop a thick skin. Not all of us are purists but some of the purists can be abrasive. Don't let it bother you. It's your Stude, do with it what you want and get it on the road and talk about it.

                            BTW both my Studes are propelled by GM 5.3 ltrs. I agree that Stude engines are great and should not be feared but I chose the modern set-up and am happy with that choice. If that makes a purist grumble - it's his/her problem - not mine. I must admit though that belonging to a local club where any modifications are accepted and appreciated is a plus.
                            Jon Stalnaker
                            Karel Staple Chapter SDC


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                              Very cool folks.
                              Like I have stated in my earlier threads I do have thick skin, so jab away, I love to laugh at myself. I really just wanted to make sure I wasn't going to piss off to many in the group and if so I would seriously limit my request for help. But it sounds like it will be all good for the most part.

                              BTW definately wont be just another SBC in the '52. No offense to those who have them in their Studes at all, but I too just feel like some that they are over played and like to see something different once in a while. There is a good reason why the SBC is soooo popular, very solid engine, LOTS of aftermarket hot rod stuff at very good prices and stuff is available anywhere in the world. Good reasons for sure.

                              I am much more looking at keeping the stude v8 that has already been transplanted into it. If that will end up being too much work and expense I may go with a straight 6 or I am mulling around the idea of a 4 or 6 cylinder diesel just to be wierd. It will as much Stude as I can keep it, but with some upgrades to make it more daily useable.

                              I am really stoked at these responses. I do know threads tend to peter out once the main theme has been discussed and that did not bother me at all, I just thought the timing of that may have been something I said. Just trying get the feel for this board, and really appreciate all of this input and majorly appreciate the help with the question I have already had help with.

                              Thanks again!
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