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  • Buying another Stude

    Having been without a driver Studebaker for a while now, I've been actively looking for the right car. After checking out that '59 wagon on the other side of Atlanta, it brought back the urge of me wanting to find a longroof for the stainless business, preferably a pre-Lark model that is solid and rust free. Bob Andrews just happened to email me after I looked at that 59 and I remembered that Bob has a '57 Provincial that's in pretty decent shape. I asked him about the details, liked what I saw, made an offer, and the car will be heading to Georgia fairly soon.

    Anyways. Here's the new Starlight Stainless Trim Moulding Delivery Wagon. It'll need some work. But Bob's going to get it running and stopping and everything else it needs is well within what I'm capable of doing. Looking forward to it all.

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    Well, it wasn't quite that simple. Being that Momma likes it I wanted to discuss it with her. What made the deal happen was who was buying it- Linda likes that it will be used and loved by one of the Club's key ambassadors. We're happy it's going to you, Matthew.
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      I gotta say the color combo works for me, and it's really cool that it's going to be used as the shop wagon for a Stude-related business. Junior
      1954 C5 Hamilton car.


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        Congratulations, Matthew.
        From personal experience, once you've had a wagon, you never want to be without one.
        Great choice, too - the trim kicks up on the rear flanks just right for your sponsor, er, business name.
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          Congrats to you Matt.... Car looks great!


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            Looking good, Matthew. 'Hard to beat a '57 for an all-around nice mid-fifties Stude. Congrats. BP
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              Happy to see you with a new (old) vehicle, also nice article in TW just read it yesterday, Canadian delivery is a bit late.
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                Lots of luck and happy driving, Matt!!!
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                  excellent choice for your business!!!
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                    Dual Master Cylinder !! Peace of mind.
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                      Originally posted by shifter4 View Post
                      Dual Master Cylinder !! Peace of mind.


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                        Cool car. When you get tired of driving an old station wagon, call me. I want it!!!
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                          Nice car! I have my fingers crossed on getting a bunch of work done on the 40... not having the time to work as much as I want to is really killing me! I can only hope to get mine looking like yours (translation: driveable), someday...


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                            Way to go Mathew
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                              Mailed Bob a deposit today. Guess I really am getting another Stude.

                              I've wanted a Wagon since I was 9 years old and saw a '55 Conestoga with a big block Caddie for sale at a swap meet. I'm excited.
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