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Motor trend - march 1964

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  • Motor trend - march 1964

    I wish I could say that it was Richard Quinn's Excellent 'Lamberti Reports'
    that inspired me to delve back into pre-history , but it was not so . If any
    of you have a spare room in the house which ends up being the repository
    for everything that you don't need straight away , well I was in there looking
    for something else and I found the subject Motor Trend issue so I stopped
    everything and had a read . It goes to show Magazine lead times as the
    closing of Studebaker in South Bend was subject to a long article . Then......

    Forecasts Facts and Rumours

    Studebaker's Crash Came As No Big Surprise to Detroit . It wasn't only their
    heavy financial losses these last two years . People had just stopped buying
    Studebaker products . Unsold new cars were piling up in Dealer inventories.
    The more adverse publicity that leaked out about Studebaker's trouble the less
    people wanted to buy - for fear of being stuck with an orphan . It was a
    vicious circle . When it became obvious there was little hope that things
    would change in the foreseeable future , there was no choice but to quit
    building cars in this country .

    Letters to the Editor

    A Word Of Reassurance

    In some quarters , there seems to be undue wailing at the bar concerning the
    future position of Studebaker in the U.S automobile market , based on our
    recent decision to transfer manufacturing from South Bend to Hamilton .
    It goes without saying that we here at Studebaker are deeply appreciative of
    the many fine things you have said about our company and its products over
    the years . But right now , we have strong need for some authoritative comment
    on the subject of our manufacturing shift to Hamilton , pointing up the fact that
    Studebaker automobiles will continue to be sold strongly in the U.S and that
    these will be the same Studebakers which we have sold all along . There are
    bound to be some doubts on this score amoung Studebaker owners and
    motorists who have contemplated buying Studebakers . Anything you can write
    or publish to set those doubts to rest will be deeply appreciated .

    Bill Dredge
    P. R. Director
    Studebaker Corp .

    Well , apart from the preceeding 'Forecasts Facts and Rumours' , Motor Trend
    did not issue a reply to this letter , but I suppose at least they published it and
    maybe that was all that they could do . But really , it could have been a much
    better letter , couldn't it . !

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    considering there was no mention of the mckinnon engines, i don't see how Mr. Dredge could have gone into more detail...
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