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3E7D Body Work - Beginning to End

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  • 3E7D Body Work - Beginning to End

    We bought this 1958 3E7D - 122 C2 cab in 1985.

    Fast forward 26 years.

    Still have a few things to finish up. Need to put in the interior, a pair of door locks, clean up the engine compartment, put on the spare tire carrier.

    Moved the front turn signals down like was done on the 1959's. Stainless moldings done by Matthew Burnette. He did a great job on it.

    Here's a link to the photos of the body work done from December through June of this past year. Every day from 4:00 - 9:00 and most weekends. Never knew that you could sand so much that your fingers would begin to leak blood!

    Hope you all enjoy the photos.

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    Looks fabulous! Great job on a rare truck.
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    Jim Mann
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      Yes it's a keeper! Kudo's to you for all of your work. My '57 has the '59 style parking/front signal lamps as well - makes a much "cleaner" look that the big lamps on the fender top.
      Mark Hayden
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        Yes! Great Job!
        Thanks for posting the pictures from you album (how do you do that anyway??)
        This will help those who have not gone thru this process to appreciate the time and effort it takes to do this level of work.
        Good Roads
        Brian Woods
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          Very nice work, well done!

          Thanks for sharing.
          Dave Lester


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            Gee, that's nice work, Rob. Congratulations. BP
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              The truck has turned out awesome!
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                Thanks folks!

                Thanks for the nice words. They are truly appreciated.

                We didn't know how rare the truck was when we first bought it. We were lucky in that we accumulated a lot of the drive line parts shortly after we got the truck. A lot of those are NLA.

                The truck has its original engine. Its more unique in that it has the C2 cab and is also the only 4X4 that came with surf green and parchment white paint.

                We've never done this kind of restoration before and now have a whole lot more appreciation for those who have done them.