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    Does anybody know who sells door panels for a 61 Lark?
    Also the correct air conditioner for a 61 lark? Thanks
    David G. Nittler

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    The air conditioner for 61 larks was unique to that year and actually partially integrates with the defroster and heater vents. SASCO still had some NOS ones so SI may still have some.

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      For door panels:

      They've been sorting the inventory from SASCO for a long time (there was that much stuff!), but they're starting to get stuff out the door now. They just called me about interior pieces for my 66 Daytona this past weekend.
      Scott Rodgers
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        I think they would be your best bet on those, they are kinda hard to find (It took me two and a half years to find the correct ones for my car, good enough to repair. Crazy....)
        Dylan Wills
        Everett, Wa.

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          Your next option for door panels would be reproductions from either Southeast Studebaker or Phantom Auto Works.
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            You might also try Jim Lawrence at FBN Upholstery in West Virginia

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              Didn't Ed R, S.I. sell off all the SASCO interior trim pieces?


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                Originally posted by Retired View Post
                Didn't Ed R, S.I. sell off all the SASCO interior trim pieces?
                See post number 3 above. Starlightstude got the interior trim pieces.
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