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Our Trip to the Pure Stock Drag's 2011

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  • Our Trip to the Pure Stock Drag's 2011

    We left home on Thursday to go to the Pure Stock Drags. We drove most of the way on Thursday, and then 3 1/2 hours on Friday.
    We met lots of new people, made new friends, and plan on going back next year. The girls even went to the Farmer's Market, and we've been cooking corn today.
    Richard's car broke on Friday, so his racing was over for the weekend.
    We went to dinner on Friday night with everyone, I think there were 24 people. Good food, and it was fun. There are pictures of everyone that went to dinner, be sure to check it out. And Allen, if you want a good piece of coconut cream pie, you need to come to Missouri.
    I believe Ted was eating a little too much for George's idea of a driver. You know, need to keep the weight down for a fast car.
    It was fun to watch everyone do the last minute details to their car before it was their turn to run. We had a great time, visiting with John and Chuck, Ted and Mary Ann, Rose and Richard, Peter and Myra, Corrie and Larry, Phil Harris, Steve, George, Bob, Allen and his girlfriend. And all the others that attended, I'm not the best person with names, so you will have to excuse me. But, everyone was terrific!
    It was amazing to see the 3 '64 Studebakers headed back to Colorado.
    This was our first year to attend, but hopefully it will not be our last. We have some videos also, but have not loaded them yet.
    Dusty and Wanda Taylor

    Dusty Taylor

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    I figured Ted would want some dessert, so I took a little more undercoating off the Wrapper this year to compensate. <GGG>

    Unfortunately, Steve's blower went South on his R3 Challenger, but if we could have figured out the problem a little quicker, we could have installed the extra blower I always bring along. He probably would have put another notch in the Studebaker belt. As it was, he did a fine job of driving his R1 Commander to a shootout victory.

    george krem


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      We knew that you would have to do something, we don't want Ted going hungry. But, you didn't share that brownie with him, or anyone else.

      Dusty Taylor


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        It was nice getting to meet you Dusty and alot ofthe other guys attending. It was my first time to the PSMCD amd it was alot of fun. Glad this isnt the price for fuel for our daily vehicles!