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Replacement for Steeltech 12" Rotors

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    Are there any kits that use modern parts, rather than these 1960s-1970s antique parts mentioned?
    Gary L.
    Wappinger, NY

    SDC member since 1968
    Studebaker enthusiast much longer


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      I'm thinking its the same kit. The AutoZone part number I listed also uses the OEM Stude inner & outter wheel bearings, and needs no modification, but an extra washer below the castle nut is handy, since the rotor is about .100" narrower than the OEM drum.
      Yes Gary, there are more modern kits available, by Turner and another guy (forgot the name). Both of theirs use the later, smaller "metric" calipers that came into vogue in the late 1970s. The DL kit uses the earlier calipers that were popular in the late 60s to late 70s. After around 1978, about the only cars still using the large calipers were police cars, and Caprices. The Turner and other guy's kits also use later rotors.
      As for installation, the DL kit is almost too much hydraulics for the 1" MC, mainly due to the enormous caliper pistons. Everything must be setup perfectly. But they work good once installed. I have no first hand experience with the other kits, but a kajillion Stude owners can't all be wrong in their praises of those kits.


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        Yep, I echo Joe's comments. I have used the Turner kit and the Steeltech/Levesque kit, and both work fine once they are installed. Turner's is a little better finished, and the Steeltech kit often requires some grinding to the bracket to get it to fit - nothing too radical. I like the larger rotor on the Steeltech setup (with 15" rims) since I race my coupe, but the Turner smaller rotors are just fine for street use. I upgraded the MC to a firewall mount, dual MC and never had a problem. Still got drums in back on the coupe, but put rear discs on the sedan - I think the rear discs are probably unnecessary, since 70%+ of the stopping power is up front.

        Gary, after a few years, I replaced the GM calipers with a Howe dual piston caliper on the Steeltech bracket - lighter, a little more clamping power, but pricier of course.
        1953 Commander Coupe
        1954 Champion Sedan
        1963 Lark