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  • Peggy Soderberg Studebaker Museum

    Sad to let you all know that Peggy Soderberg passed away earlier today. Peggy was Assistant Director of The Studebaker National Museum.
    Those of us who have been fortunate to have worked with her over the years, will remember her as an extremely dedicated, hard worker in support of The Museum, and Studebaker.
    I will ensure that when more information is available, it will be posted in the Obituaries and Eulogies part of the Forum.
    A lesson I learned from seeing Peggy over the years : when the going gets tough; the tough remain cheerful.
    The Studebaker world is less rich today, and also less cheerful.
    George Rohrbach
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    Omigosh; so sorry to hear that, George! She wasn't very old, was she? (Or if she was, she didn't look it!)

    Had she been ill?

    Geeze, first Phil Brown and now Peggy Soderberg. Bummer X 2.

    Again, sorry to read this. All the best to everyone there. BP
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      WOW!! Sorry to hear this, I only spoke to Peggy a few times, always helpful and extremely pleasant!

      Our condolences to Peggy's family and to the Museum staff.

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        This is really sad news. I've worked with Peggy Soderberg since about 2007 as the representative for the Studebaker Truck Farmers. It was through Peggy that we adopted the 1963 Studebaker Prototype as a part of the adoption program of the Museum. Most of our contacts was by phone, but I did meet her personally during the 2007 International and again in 2009. She was most gracious on each occasion and was johnny-on-the-spot when the time for renewal arose. A real loss to the museum and Studebakerdom in general. Peggy, may you rest in eternal peace.

        Frank Drumheller
        Locust Grove, VA
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          I am very sorry to hear this. My best wishes to her friends and family. Sounds like a person I would have enjoyed meeting.


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            Lost to cancer at only 63. RIP Peggy.


            Check out her list of life accomplishments. Amazing lady, and a great loss.
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              Very sorry to hear this...