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  • '28 fuel pump

    I have been asked to help find a fuel pump for a '28 FB. I don't know any more than that. I could use information on what to look for, what it fits etc. Or better yet if someone has one please contact me.
    Thanks, Rob

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    you may have better luck finding it over on the Antique Studebaker Forum:
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      I think someone here pointed me to these guys. I haven't tried them yet.



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        Here is a page from the 1929-40 8-cylinder Parts Catalog, which does not generally cover FA/FB models. The catalog for the FA/FB models is for only half of 1928, so it's rare, but available from Faxon Auto Literature as a reprint for $49. It looks like the same fuel pump was used on FA, FB, and early FD models. It should be Studebaker part 157350 and AC number 855090 on the mounting flange. Perhaps the good news is that the S-751 rebuild kit covers a lot of years and should be easily available, though you'll want a new one to stand up to modern gas.

        There is the possibility that the same AC fuel pump body was used on 1928-29 Dictator (GE) and Commander (GJ) models since the interior parts and bowl are the same numbers. That pump part number is 128097. They probably had a different arm, but you could switch arms if you have an original FB pump. It's also possible that earlier EW, GB, and GH models used the same pump body.

        The Antique Auto Parts Cellar is good, about 5 minutes away from where I work. You can also try Nelson Pease at N.B. Pease in Palmer, Mass., 413-283-7620. He is a phone-only guy, no email, no web site, but LOTS of old NOS parts, knows his stuff.

        As it happens, I was looking at a 1928 FA this past weekend, for sale in eastern Massachusetts. It's an interesting car with a restored engine and transmission but "survivor" body with rough paint which could make a fun driver.

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          I had a NEW fuel pump built by Then & Now Automotive; 447 Washington St; Weymouth, MS 02188;781-335-8860 two years ago for my 1928 Studebaker Commander model GB Big Six engine after original suffered from severe metallurgical self destruction (warps and fractures, arm wear, ETC). They use NEW reproduction AC castings and internal internal parts and arms; they also have rapid turn around for custom orders.
          I am very satisfied with the replacement pump.


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            Thanks for all the information. I have passed it on. I understand this is a very rare car. It is running but the pump has been cobbled together somehow.