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Rear inner fender gasket... is it reproduced?

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  • Rear inner fender gasket... is it reproduced?

    I'm about ready to put my right rear fender back on my 62 Lark. I found a can of brushable seam sealer for all my welded seams, I can get a tube of seam sealer for the fender mounting surfaces BUT I've been looking through the rubber seal section of an older SI catalog and for the life of me I cannot find a listing for the gasket that seals the inner and outer fender on the two models.

    Have I just missed this gasket or am I looking in the wrong place?

    If all else fails I can caulk a big bead of seam sealer on the flange

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    I don't think that any of the Larks used rubber seals between the rear fenders......Keep on Studebakering


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      Glass setting tape is thin and pliable and works well, but there wasn't anything there from the factory.....just seam sealer.
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        It was just seam sealer???!!!!

        Wow, I thought it was a formed piece. I've scrapped out a number of Lark two doors and that seam sealer must have been reall good stuff On some of those parts cars the sealer outlived the sheet metal. The "gasket" I had on the right side was old sealer that I thought was a gasket that I salvaged from a sedan that I had scrapped.

        Live and learn

        Jeff T.
        \"I\'m getting nowhere as fast as I can\"
        The Replacements.


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          Since I'm not familiar with the part, I cant offer any advice on this. But, would a thin strip of rubber work? 1/32"-1/16" ?
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            Scotch C-120, high voltage electrical tape I forget 120 or 30. in 2 inch wide rolls is good for making sealing gaskets between body flanges. It is as live rubber tape near 1/16 of an in. thick with adhesive on one side. Great stuff for cushioning and sealing between flanges and other areas on the body where you want a water seal. Great stuff to add to your restoration supplies. I also have used it in my GT Hawk trunk weather strip channel to shim before the trunk rubber so it would seal properly. 1 roll will do you and others. Larks don't require a seal between the rear fender flange and body tub but it is a good Idea to prevent the tire from kicking up moisture from the road. That is one reason why this area sometimes disentgrates. Seam sealer will work fine on the topside. After bolting your fender on, ckean the top of the mating area down to bare metal. Apply some cleaner solvent with a rag and blow or wipe dry. Put a bit of seam sealer or body putty in the groove. Drag a unsharpened end of a round pencil longways through the seam top area. Let dry and clean up with sand paper before priming. cheers jimmijim
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              I used dum-dum or the 3m product called Strip-Caulk which is available from any parts store that has autobody related stuff or any paint store or online from places like Eastwood.

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