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    For the one or two of you who do not follow my blog, here is a pic of the current status. The Chassis is back from being coated. And it looks beautiful. It is coated in with the same stuff that they coat trailer frames with so it will probably last another sixty years

    and another pic to honor the guys that helped me. The right one did the actual coating, the left one brought it safely back to my workshop.

    the pic below links to my blog
    The Blog:

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    Wow !! I'm embarrassed at the finish I was planning !


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      Holy cow! That's got to be as good as any high-end restoration anywhere! I have no idea what would give a finish that stunning here in the U.S. Hope the rest of the car comes out as beautiful.

      Keep those updates coming!
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        Great pictures...Espcially of your helpers...It is reassuring to see that "red-neckism" is not just a southern US thing!

        Keep in mind that, a frame paint job that slick will reveal any oil leak immediately. Unlike mine, your oil will quickly drop from that slick frame to the ground without lingering.
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          that does put some pressure on me to do the engine really well. I already have one leaking car on the driveway (a triumph); I don't think my wife can stand another :-)

          Oh, and I don't know about their necks but their bellies stand out quite well.
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            Nice job! I wouldn't want to get on the bad side of those two!
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              And for those that don't know: clicking on his oval photo of the bulletnose is a link to his resto blog.
              (read it backwards)

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                Man that is just purdy!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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                  Originally posted by FlatheadGeo View Post
                  Nice job! I wouldn't want to get on the bad side of those two!
                  George, I still have to find their bad side. I don't think they have one.
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