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    Ok everyone who has stumbled onto a real barn find I have one here for you. Its a 61 Lark VI. After months of trying to contact the proper people I was able to get ahold of a person who has the most say in the ownership of the car, we have the previous property owner and two partners that have bought the property and want the mess to go away,
    aready hauled out a truck load of sheet metal and stuff. I'm thinking this 44,000 mile car could use a little washing and maybe align the headlights and it'll be good to go!!!


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    You could probably sell the crate for more than the car
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      Came away with more than one crate, and alot of 1955 Packard dealership sales material. But only about half of that was savageable from the varmits and moisture.


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        let me give the 1st obligatory:

        "just needs a lark shine"!
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          Also from the stash in the barn, believe its from a Packard hardtop.


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            that'll buff out
            1960 Lark VIII Regal Wagon


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              OW, that stopped fast! Wonder why it was put in a barn instead of just junked?

              I have the same car, only a VIII, stick without O/D that had been rolled in PA in 1967 and put in a wood-floored barn. Again, no logical reason to save a plain-Jane, unpopular 6YO car, but somebody did.

              Currently it's still stored inside, but now it's because the floors are stunningly perfect, and I'm preserving them for future use in a special car like a convertible or something.

              Sometimes there's no guessing what someone's motivations are... like the 69 Camaro Pace Car Convertible I watched literally rot into a wet backyard, in spite of my twice-a-year begging attempts to buy it. But that's another story...
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                We have a guy up our way that has a 56 G/H,58 Scotsman,58 Pres.H/T,62 GT & 57 Packard all outside & sinking into the ground a real sad sight as right now I believe a few are salvagble.

                Oh yah & a 61 Lark 8 4dr.