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is their a calssafied thread

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  • is their a calssafied thread

    I would like to sell my 59 studebaker but did not see
    a calssafied thread so how would I put it up for sale
    On here thanks for any info

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    Just write up a decent ad copy, spellcheck it.... Put your location, and asking price... Contact info...and let it fly...
    HTIH (Hope The Info Helps)


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        This Forum is not Ebay or Craig's List but, as long as no one attempts to make it such, our moderators have exercised restrained patience.
        As Bob indicated, there is a Studebaker Swap Page that is not part of the SDC web site that supports this Forum.
        You can also have a free ad printed in the monthly SDC magazine Turning Wheels, if you are a SDC member.
        That will be viewed by a dozen thousand more folks than will ever see your offer here.
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