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Is There a "New" Studebaker On The Horizon?

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  • Is There a "New" Studebaker On The Horizon?

    Buried in a little slap at the Studebaker name.....

    (snippet copy - see link for complete article)

    hey, new owner of Studebaker, what will the brand become? //
    "I envision it as a custom, limited-edition, high-end sports coupe, while staying true to a little of the original design. The car totally speaks to American pride and entrepreneurial spirit," says Chicago entrepreneur Nathan Benditzson (whose family once owned the rights to the Studebaker Avanti). His intent-to-use trademark application for Studebaker was accepted this spring, and he's hoping to start production within two years. Meanwhile, he has a design draft (right).
    HTIH (Hope The Info Helps)


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    Need a bigger picture!
    1960 Lark VIII Regal Wagon


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      The retro rod is really popular the last few years, think the mustang and new camaro. It has alot of potential for sure. Not gonna be cheap, tough sell in this economy. Most of the people who remember the Avanti and may crave the thought of owning one are generally baby boomers and may be retired and on a fixed income...but then again many have become successful thru the years and may be in line to buy it.

      Cool to see the concept for sure.


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        Another pipe dream! " once owned the rights to the Studebaker Avanti"! Benditzson....yeah I've heard that name before many times. RIGHT! stupak