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Seattle Stude Junk, 1958

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  • Seattle Stude Junk, 1958

    Here's a couple of shots from the Seattle Muni. Archives, apparently showing how a junk yard in Ballard was using the street for illegal storage. Looks like Studes were not really considered collectible then!!

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    Hey Bruce, There are some great pics on the Seattle Muni website and a few on MOHAI. Other cities and states probably have similar websites as I have looked at some in Utah and California. I hope somebody saved parts off those cars. Might be time to go out to that wrecking yard over your way. Last time we went a few years ago, they still had some Studebakers.


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      Cool Pictures. Would be cool garage art!
      1960 Lark VIII Regal Wagon


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        It may have been like around here. When someone had a car to get rid of, they would just leave it in the road in front of a junk yard when the yard was closed.
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