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  • Studes in the movies...

    I seem to be spotting Studes on film a lot lately... Last night I watched "Catch me if You Can" and there were several in the street and airport scenes... and one Creme colored '53 I saw in 2 places!

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    That creme colored Stude was probably the same car, directed to be used in the two different scenes - - "Because no one will notice" - - yeah, right. By the way, that was a movie I enjoyed; storyline, acting, the 'planes, trains* and automobiles' as well.
    *Not sure if there were any trains in this film...but, you know - - the words went well together.


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      I watched it last night because of this post and there were tons of Studebakers in it. When they traded in the Cadillac at the beginning of the movie, there was a bullet nose sticking out of the garage at the used car lot. There were several Loewy's in 2 door anfd 4 door versions and in one scene there was a Lark in traffic and a 57 right behind it.

      There were several cars that were in the street scenes in NY and also the street scenes in LA. Amazing how these same cars followed the characters across country. I guess it takes a car guy to notice these things but I would think film makers that use classic cars in their movies would be aware of how noticable this could be.

      Love the movie though. It was the first movie I saw where I could really appreciate Leonardo DeCaprio's skills and abilities. Now when I see him in older works, I see the talent has been there for a long time.
      Jon Stalnaker
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