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    Hi my name is buggmann I'm new here. I just got my 1959 lark 2 door wagon
    She has a v8 not sure what size but it is still a studebaker v8 she also still has her
    Studebaker auto transmission she is all stock she has like 15,500 miles on her
    She has a d6 body code I was told it would make her a lark 8 reagel wagon but
    Not sure as I am new to studebaker I was Told to stop by here for anything studebaker
    so any help I can get with the car will Help me a lot

    So thanks in advance buggmann

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    Hi Tim and welcome to the wonderful world of Studebakers. Your car is a Lark Regal with the 180HP (195 with optional 4BBL manifold and Carburettor) D6. The Serial Number which is (if still attached) on a plate affixed to the LH front door pillar - it will say 59V-0000 whatever number the vehicle is, the engine number is on a machined pad on the top front of the block near the Oil Filter and will be in the range of (US assembly) V418701-V454700 or if built in Canada VC14701-VC16700.If you haven't already you can contact the Studerbaker National Museum in South Bend to obtain your production order. This shows what was ordered and (presumably) built although who can say after this long, mistakes occur and previous owners may have changed things.

    I'm in South Australia and the US contingent will be along soon I imagine to advise further and tell me what I have neglected to say :-)~

    All the best with your wagon, and post some photos - I'm sure the US mob will ask you for some.
    John Clements
    Christchurch, New Zealand


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      Yep; this is the place. Welcome to Studebaker world! A 1959 Lark Regal V8 wagon is a nice machine overall with which to enjoy the hobby. BP
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        I see that you are in "gainesville", but your profile doesn't say which one - Georgia, Florida or other.
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          Ok so here are some pics of my wagon as asked for
          The vin plate is still in place and reads as

          Studebaker- Packard

          and the body tag reads as

          Hope this helps and anyone that can help decode
          The tags that will help also I will get the motor numbers later
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