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  • help identifing model

    Can someone tell me if this is a champion or a commander? I know its a 51 but what's throwing me off is it has a v-8 emblem on the back.
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    1950 was the last year that the Commander (and Land Cruiser) had the big (and longer) six flathead 245 ci, and therefore had to have longer front end sheetmetal than the small six 169.6 ci Champion. wheelbase Champion 113 in, Commander 120 in, (Land Cruiser 124 in was just a 4" stretched Commander)

    1951 both the Champion small 6 and Commander V8 had the same 115 in wheelbase; only the stretched Land Cruiser was 119 in. There is this too, but you'll note that in 51, the differences were really only the trim/emblems on the front, the back and the dash, so its hard to tell from the side:

    If it has a V8 emblem on the back (and since you know it is a 51 for sure), it would likely be a 51 Commander unless someone put the emblem on for fun. Only looking under the hood if definitive <g>
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      You need a front or rear view to tell the model for sure. That plate under the hood would tell you too.
      Even a bit of dashboard would reveal that. Commander had three pods. I think the Champion had a semi circle speedometer.
      But as far as I know the sides are the same.
      The Commander was definitely a V8 car. I think the Champion had a 6 in 1951.


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        Engine and tranny were not in the car when I bought it also there was no hood. All emblems were gone save for the V-8 emblem on the trunk. I believe the instrument cluster is the semi circle type. Tried to post more pictures but not very good with computers so I haven't been able to figure it out. as far as the brakes and body parts is there a major difference between the two or would most parts interchange?


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          Found a link on the home page that says per the body id plate on the firewall that it is a champion regal 2 door sedan going to try and get the entire code to narrow it down to the regal, deluxe or custom. Thanks for the help.


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            Opinions may vary on this, but I believe that with the exception of the drive line and dashboard, all components of the '51 cars will interchange between Champions and Commanders. Both series had the same variations between trim levels, ie., Delux and Regal were the same packages in each version.