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Rear axle Shaft

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  • Rear axle Shaft

    our Champion is starting to make a sound we have been dreading, a horrid grinding from the passenger rear wheel. Apparently a past owner used an incorrect nut and stripped the threading on the end of the axle shaft, and now the hub gets pushed in too far, and also the keyway in the shaft is damaged. If you have a spare (or ideally a pair of) rear axle shafts for a 1950 champion, Part number 521594 please contact us. I have checked Studebaker international, SASCO, and a few other places but none listed it in their current inventory. A local mechanic (and studebaker owner) had wrapped the old shaft with a layer of metal and then rethreaded it as a temporary solution, but as previously stated it has worn out.
    We are in the houston area, so if you are far away we would just take the shafts, and related items such as keys, nuts etc. due to shipping, but if you are close, other parts would be welcome.

    Thanks, and please let us know if you have any ideas or parts, we are willing to pay a decent price as the car isn't roadworthy without them.

    Spence Gaskin