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Pix from Grimsby Museum event last month

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  • Pix from Grimsby Museum event last month

    In what's become an annual SDC Hamilton tradition, the Grimsby Museum invited the club to assemble an all-Studebaker car show on the museum's lawn during the town's Festival of the Forty. These pix date to 13 August and show the exceptional variety of Studes that attended this year's showing...

    1927 Commander Country Club Coupe

    1933 President Speedway Eight convertible (one of seventeen imported to Canada)

    President engine

    More to come...


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    1940 Champion coupe rod

    1950 Champion 4dr

    1955 Champion 4dr (with chrome snout painted, as Mr Bourke originally intended; I think this looks quite classy!)

    More shortly...


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      56 President Classic

      59 Silver Hawk, new in the Chapter

      62 Lark 6 Deluxe dear ol' "Betty"


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        62 Daytona HT

        63 Daytona droptop

        63 GT Hawk (hadn't previously seen this one)

        63 Avanti


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          64 Daytona droptop

          65 Daytona Sport Sedan

          65 Wagonaire

          66 Cruiser heads a lineup spanning five decades

          Another "variety shot"

          Hope the forum enjoys these. I should be posting a bit more now that my graphics program is finished; now I'm looking for a job again...



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            Thanks for sharing....and that 33? WOW, talk about a class act. Junior
            1954 C5 Hamilton car.


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              Yep, I was pretty bowled-over by the '33 Prez as well. Had heard about it but had never seen it until it glided past the museum on arrival for the show Aug 13. I was talking to the lady who co-owns the car...she said she and her husband, who have had the car since the sixties, rarely bring it out anymore because it's showing some rust these days...and they remember it when it wasn't. I found that very poignant...and the car, so rare a survivor, absolutely enchanting.



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                Thanks for the photos, esp the '33. It is one of two survivors known in this body style and only nine of all body styles. The owner is Don Carter of Campden, Ont. Car serial #6950864 Body 90 R2 40. Assembled in Walkerville, Ont Canada. They have done quite a bit of clean up, fix up since the last photo I have of the car The image above is a factory publicity shot.
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