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  • Where's Bondo B?

    I know that Bill Glass had been under the weather so to speak, but any updates to his health? I have tried to contact him, but there is never an answer. I hope all is well.

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    Originally posted by Radsman View Post
    I know that Bill Glass had been under the weather so to speak, but any updates to his health? I have tried to contact him, but there is never an answer. I hope all is well.

    He is home from a long stay in the hospital, but still in recovery and not up to speed yet.
    JDP Maryland


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      Bill & Ellen are Ok, Bill is still getting his strength back from his in again out again hospital stays over the last year. They were also hit by hurricane Irene and lost power for 2 or 3 days. They have power now, but no phone. I will call tonight on the cell, and try to get him to post a better update.

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        I am alive, but not my old miserable self yet. I was admitted into White Plain Hospital on 12/15/2010 with "pneumonia", and within 36 hours my room was emptied of other patients and all staff and family had to wear protective gowns and masks. They diagnosed ECOLI pneumonia which 18 hours later was changed to MRSA. I was confined to bed for three weeks and then transferred to Burke Rehabilitation for another two weeks to learn how to walk after the 3 plus weeks on my back.

        I was sent home and about ten days after being home I fell off the toilet and needed 911 to get me out of where I landed. That was a stroke of good luck as they discovered that the pneumonia was not fully cured and I went back in for another 10 days and then 7 days at another rehab facility.

        As of now I am learning to walk, climb steps and use a walker. Worst thing is that the steroids they used on me have made diabetic which has changed my look drastically. I now have a "moon" face and a big pot belly and some skin issues. Wherever they did an IV I wound up with red blotches. (1947 Holiday Red).

        I have not been in street clothes since December 2010, nor in any room other than my bedroom. I have made three trips to a doctor but that does not count.
        We were supposed to go overseas in four weeks and that has been cancelled and will need to wait till next year.

        I have 100 feet of oxygen lines running thru the house in the even I can get out of bed and will be allowed to walk in the driveway or visit the "fleet" in the garage.

        Right now we do not have phone service due to Irene and we lost a lot of branches but no trees came down. Since I am alone a good part of the day I am fortunaate that once a day one of our local police officers stop by to check on my status.

        I want to thank those who have sent cards and called during this past 8/9 months.

        Further information and film as things develop. Oh yes, we are still in business as we hired a young man to pull/pack and ship.

        Bill G.


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          Man you have been thru a lot. But it sounds like it's behind you now. It's good to know that your "up & around" and nice to see your post.
          I wish you continued success on getting your health back in order!
          Best wishes.
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            Bill, great to hear your are on the mend. Continue to mend. Please send me a PM as I have a question for you.


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              Thanks for the update Bill, and best wishes for a speedy recovery.
              Jim & Judy Sinclair
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                Good work with the rehab-hope you feel better soon!


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                  Glad to hear from you, Bondo! I'll be in touch about the shirt I ordered at Reedsville. Hope you're up to making it this year
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                    Excellent, Bill. Thanks for taking the time to check in. 'Good to hear progress is measured but happening. All the best. BP
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                      So sorry to learn about all your problems, but happy to hear things are now looking up. All the best Bill.
                      Stu Chapman


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                        Get well Bill. MRSA is a nasty thing. My wife got it in the hospital after a hip replacement last summer. She was in the hospital 35 days and is still on the anti biotic.

                        Denny L


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                          Glad to hear you are getting better even if it is darn slow going against pneumonia and MSRA. Nasty things can happen to even the nicest people. Hope to buy some more stuff from you and Ellen when you are back to being your miserable old self again!


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                            Glad to hear that you are making improvements. I hope that you are well enough to make it to the Northeast Zone Meet later this month. Waterbury Connecticut is very close to you.
                            Gary L.
                            Wappinger, NY

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                              after getting post-surgical MRSA twice in '06 & '09, i know a bit of what you're going through!!! IV's and "pic lines", etc. are no fun!!!

                              you are at the best place for recovery - your home!!! out of the "germ-infested" hospitals.

                              hang in there, sir.
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