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  • Studebaker dealership video

    This link is to Warrn Farm Supply, a J.I. Case and Studebaker Dealer in Warren, Indiana in 1940.

    It is so interesting to see in a movie format. The city of Warren in nearby to Lark VIII girl and I, we are familar with the buildings

    Husband of Lark VIII girl

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    That was really cool. Thank you for finding it and posting.
    My Studebaker was first sold at a Case-Studebaker dealer in Ponca City, OK in 1953.
    Gary Sanders
    Nixa, MO


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      Way cool! I hope to post some pics of our Stude "reunion" at my uncle's dealership. We got all of our 64's together as well as my aunt & uncle to re-enact the sale of some of our cars. The name is still on the building to this date.


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        'Way cool; thanks for posting. Hope fully, Dick Quinn won't wear it out looking at the Champions! BP
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          I play it over and over watching the K10.
          Brad Johnson,
          SDC since 1975, ASC since 1990
          Pine Grove Mills, Pa.
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          '56 Sky Hawk in process


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            Yes, the K10. How cool....
            (read it backwards)

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