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  • If only I had the room

    AZ cars (not mine, and I've never seen them in person)
    out in the bushes, at a whopping $500 each (how about that Ford retractable?)
    and a couple of Studes (Lark VIII and a 50 coupe)
    JohnP, driving & reviving
    60 Lark & 58 Scotsman 4dr

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    Oh wow, I see a couple I'd love to have!!!
    George King
    Grants Pass, Oregon
    64 Station Wagon with fixed roof (Canadian Car)

    66 Station Wagon with fixed roof. Project car, complete For Sale...

    64 Wagonaire sliding roof South Bend car. For Sale...

    63 GT Hawk

    51 Champion Starlight Coupe For Sale...


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      Wow, that blue International (??) truck looks like a great buy for $500:
      Winston-Salem, NC
      Visit The Studebaker Skytop Registry website at:


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        I want to cry seeing them out in the elements like that.I passed around them to friends I have all over in attempt to save them we do realize this is one of those "chances of a lifetime" right?


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          I think that's a REO


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            These cars are at an elevation of about 4000-4500 ft where winter precipitation is mostly rain with very little snow. The location is not a desert spot.
            Tim-'53 Starlight Commander Custom in Yuma, AZ


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              Originally posted by ST2DE5 View Post
              I think that's a REO
              You are correct, sir! (Or a HUG)
              (read it backwards)

              Nothing is politically right which is morally wrong. -A. Lincoln


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                Yes, a REO. If I had my choice that would be the one I'd like to have. One heck of a car hauler could be made out of that. But, once again I seem to have misplaced my winning lottery ticket.......
                Joe Roberts
                '61 R1 Champ
                '65 Cruiser
                Eastern North Carolina Chapter


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                  Don't see any pictures, but the "fliptop" reminds me of one that I could have gotten for free in the 1970s. It was stored at the military academy at West Point and the owner had to get it moved quickly. It was a complete, running car. I didn't spend the money to get it transported to my home. It was probably junked. I found out about it from a friend that was a Major teaching at West Point. He was also a fellow Studebaker owner.
                  Gary L.
                  Wappinger, NY

                  SDC member since 1968
                  Studebaker enthusiast much longer