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  • A quick re-cap...

    I want to order my car shipping documents from the museum and they want my vin, I tried doing research, but it isn't making sense... in one post it says commanders start with an 8 in their vin....

    Here is what it says under my hood, one is on a tag riveted to the fire wall, I forget where the other was as I posted this info a long time ago:

    Serial # 4I65773
    Tag: 10AW-3 15189

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    On the door pillar drivers side.


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      Thank You much. I hadn't seen anything there yet, however the paint plate, etc... is on the driver side door well. I will be using that to figure out what the original color was.


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        What is commonly called a 'VIN' today, was known simply as the serial number back when Studebakers were being built. Your serial number identifies a 1940 Commander, and this is what the museum needs to locate your car's info.
        A '40 Commander ENGINE serial number does start with a number 8, and many states used that number instead of the car serial number on their titles back then.


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          Originally posted by new2drive View Post
          Serial # 4I65773
          By the way, Studebaker always used the Roman numeral I to designate a one. So, your Serial Number, which should also be your registered VIN, is 4165773.
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            Doesn't that mean it is a 41 then? I will also find the engine id... haven't found that yet.