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  • Annapolis Studebaker dealer

    This dealer would have been way older than I can track, any ideas ?

    "Hi John. I was Googling tonight trying to find some information about an old Studebaker dealership or garage in Annapolis on what is now West Street. I work at 30C West Street in a very old building that was revamped some time ago. I was told that the offices I work in used to be a bay with a second story for working on Studebakers. There are some very old beams still in view in the building as you walk up the steps to our 2nd floor office, and I thought it would be kind of neat to find some old pictures of what our office building used to look like. Do you happen to know any information about that?

    ~Pam Legg~"
    JDP Maryland

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    Annapolis Historic Society or public library may have local historic photos. Often, a docent within those will do the research for you.
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      According to Bob Johnstone's site there was a "Glen Motors" in Annapolis no address listed, perhaps this was the place?
      John Clements
      Christchurch, New Zealand