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  • Decision time.....

    Friday I acquired a "parts car" to assist in restoration of my '60 Champ and my '55 Speedster. I must remove the parts I want from the salvage yard quickly and cannot store/work on it at my HOA. The issue and decision is that it is almost too good to part out.

    It is a '63 Lark 4 door with 259, 3 on tree OD same as my Champ and Speedster. As I recall it shows less than 30,000 on the odometer, the engine turns freely, the floor boards are literally like new, there is no body damage and very little bottom of front fender rust. All glass but windshield is good. Even the paint on the frame still looks impressive!

    The rear seat is missing and the front seat is firm but all fabric is totally sun rotted to near dust. Paint is thin but all there. And, it is bill of sale only.... no title.

    My calculation is that it would need $4,000 to $5,000 to restore to mint condition. But in the end you would have only a plain Jane 4 door Lark.

    I had expected to use the entire front clip, doors and seat on my Champ but forgot that the '63 went to a flat windshield so at least the doors don't work. I had hoped the linkage and steering components might work on my Speedster. Various other items like latch assemblies, sun visors etc could be used as needed. Maybe a few left overs for swap meets or ebay....

    I can make do with current Champ items.... just more patch, bondo and labor. As for the Speedster I would gladly trade the '63 for a '55 C or K donor car with a good front clip, steering and transmission linkage items.

    If interested in a swap, I'm at

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    Congrats on the Lark find...

    Where are you?

    Jeff T.
    \"I\'m getting nowhere as fast as I can\"
    The Replacements.


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      I'm in Denver, CO