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It's not the water. Maybe it's the SAE 30

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  • It's not the water. Maybe it's the SAE 30

    When ours kids were young we were very active in our Chapter (Ontario) as were several other couples of similar age and with kids of their own. At chapter meets the kids would play together and became friends - as did their parents.

    Even as teenagers the kids got along well. But, inevitably, life goes on and school, boyfriends/girlfriends, jobs, etc., pulls everyone's kids in many directions. And these "kids" - now in their late 20's, rarely, if ever, have any contact except Facebook.

    But their is something very curious going on!

    Last Saturday my wife and I were delighted to attend the wedding of one of the boys in that Ontario Chapter "kids group", namely Michael Naisbitt. Soon it will be two years since Gerrit Van Dyke, another of the group, has been married. Our son Graeme Hill, also group member, just celebrated his fifth anniversary.

    The curous thing is that ALL of these guys married girls named " Nicole". !!

    Now, what are the odds of that? Maybe there was something in the SAE 30!!
    Roger Hill

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