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Running 1957 Transtar FS: $1,650 (w/pics)

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  • Running 1957 Transtar FS: $1,650 (w/pics)

    These photos and information were just sent to our Indy Chapter SDC Newsletter Editor for distribution.

    I am passing the info along. I don't know the sellers, have never seen the truck, have no financial interest in the truck, and don't know where it is. (I would assume somewhere in Indiana, since the information was sent to our Newsletter Editor in central Indiana.)

    All the information they sent along is below in bold purple. I don't know any more than that; it is every word they included in their description and contact information. BP

    It is a 1957 Studebaker Transtar Longbed Pickup. It Runs. There is rust on the tail gate. There are dings from gravel on the fenders. It is a total restoration. As far as I know it is complete, except for door windows.
    Asking $1650.00
    Anyone can e-mail us Chris & Brian Nees:

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