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Stude truck wreck

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    Bill H
    Daytona Beach
    SDC member since 1970
    Owner of The Skeeter Hawk .


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      OUCH! Glad to hear that no body was seriously injured in the Studebaker! As much as it hurts, cars & trucks can be replaced, but not people! Not sure where it is parked, but, IF at a tow yard, might want to think about getting it out of there so to stop the $$ per day storage.

      All the best to Scottie & his passenger for a speedy recovery.

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        Whatever kind of car he hit must have been a tank to do that much damage to that truck. All involved are in my thoughts and prayers. Those that know Scottie please let him know that.
        Joe Roberts
        '61 R1 Champ
        '65 Cruiser
        Eastern North Carolina Chapter


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          I sure hope Scotty does OK from all this. I know he is not in the best of health already. Scotty is always a fixture at the Turkey Rod run in Daytona. He had the roadster at the dragstrip last time I was at the South Bend meet.

          Get well soon Scotty !! May the Good Lord Bless and keep you in his grace. Neil.
          Neil Thornton


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            It is hard to imagine not being able to see that truck coming into an intersection.
            With the "Snap On" logo on the door it is a commercial vehicle (no matter the purpose of that particular trip). This would preclude having valid collector vehicle insurance. Of course, with the other party at fault, they should pay for everything. The well being of the people are my prime concern, but that is followed by compensation for the physical damage.
            Gary L.
            Wappinger, NY

            SDC member since 1968
            Studebaker enthusiast much longer


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              Originally posted by BobGlasscock View Post
              Gosh, I wonder what would happen if that '53 got mated with Sheba? Ah, I'm just dreamin'.
              It would be a hot time in the old town tonight, Bob! <G>

              'Sheba and that '53 have shared asphault before, but did not mate.

              Sad to hear about the accident, hope and pray that all folks come out OK!
              Dave Lester


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                Originally posted by StudeRich View Post
                [B][COLOR=blue]There is a Pic, I believe the 22nd. one on shifter4's # 9 Post, the second Flicker site that a Forum member in Australia would be interested to see, it's called "Armstrong5001962L" it is a '61 Lark with the same "double fin' paint scheme as his.
                That's an interesting treatment on the Aussie '61 Larks. Must have been a done at the assembly plant as this Cruiser has been shown here on the Forum before: http://forum.studebakerdriversclub.c...ghlight=easter