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    A bit more on his time frame and where his cables come from. Makes sense to me. Lots of common sense in there. Frankly, I like his no-nonsense, direct style:

    You should have found this page because you are interested in our policy on rush orders. We're usually take about 3 weeks to fill an order. For some folks that is too long.
    I think it's the nature of a small business that deals in custom orders. We don't get stuff made in China, shove it in a box and send it. We custom build orders. We have some nice tools but it's all pretty much by hand. When things are slow (almost never) we try to build a few set of our most popular sets before that are ordered but that buffer gets used up fast when we get busy.

    I wish I could treat every order as a rush order but I simply can't. Rush orders cost me more to build (if I don't have a part I need to have it expedited, driving up costs. I have friends that help when things get busy and they need to get paid.

    Some customers need cables quicker than our normal delivery time. I understand that. I've heard it all: cables needed for snow plows in bad weather, fire trucks during the summer fire season, show cars that will be in an auction in a week and missionaries getting on a plane for Africa this weekend. Believe me, I think those are darn good reasons.

    So how do I sort out which customers really NEED cables in a hurry and which just WANT them? I can't strap you into a lie detectors so the next best thing I can think of is money.
    If I charge extra for rush orders, the folks that don't really need it will not be willing to pay for it. The folks that really do need rush service will pay for the added costs. Once again the free market has a solution. Viva La Reagan!

    Rush service is typically an extra $25 on all sets including large cable sets (like the Ford and Dodge sets. If you want the cables in a rush but don't want to pay the expedite fee, I must remind you of the old saying: "Your failure to plan is not my emergency". Sorry, but this is the best solution that I can come up with. With the exception of the expedite orders, we have a strict policy of first in, first out, except for parts and very small, easy to assemble, orders. If I didn't do that, everyone would have a "rush" order.

    Increasingly impatient phone calls or emails will NOT get you moved to the front of the line. It might get you a refund so you can purchase cables elsewhere. Believe me, I need bad attitude from grumpy customers less than they need cables. My wife says that makes me like the Soup Nazi on Seinfeld. Absolutely. Get rude and it's "No cables for you!".
    Bottom line. Patience is a virtue but if you really need cables in a hurry, expect to pay a little more.
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      If you live in or close to a large city, most have truck shops, like gord said buy it buy the foot and they also have the ends to do the job right.
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        Revised routing of the cables shown.

        Overnight the valve covers have miraculously reverted to hex nut fasteners in place of the chromed acorn nuts.

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          2X on tractor supply, they also have braided flat cables and old style switches. Their Valspar restoration paints are less than $50.00 per gallon!!


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            lose judging points??

            "Call it a snap judgement if you want Bob but I see it as my opinion and no way to run a business but then to each his own and buy his cables and lose points when judged."

            Only if your car is next to mine with its factory Prestolite cables, factory spark plug wires etc etc etc. Even then, how many points would the 'original car' really gain?

            (Judges can only deduct points for originality if an original shows up Bob)



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              Reckon I will lose points on my cables ? LOL


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                Tex, you are done for. cheers jimmijim
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                  I use 00 welding cable, fill the terminal about 1/3 rd the way with solder. Some heat shrink tube, and I have a cable in the length I need.

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