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  • Speedster... new project

    Traded my last Stude, a '62 Daytona HT for a Plymouth in '66. Now I've acquired a '60 Champ and a '55 Speedster for projects. The Champ has a 3 month Horizon. The Speedster, however, is at best an 18 month project.

    The Speedster is an AZ car so it lacks all that Midwest Mag Chloride cancer..... However, it still has enough issues to require some metal work. The stainless is good but the fish mouth will be a chrome plater's challenge/delight.

    I stopped by Springfield, MO on a previously planned trip from CO to Ohio and took advantage of the swap meet to pickup a couple of rare needed trim pieces and meet vendors I will be using.

    I will be pleading for advice from this source.

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    Sounds like you had some Studebaker grounding to start with. Welcome back!
    Best initial advice, be a member of SDC and procure Body and chassis catalog and shop manual. Advice can then proceed on level solid ground.
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      Have both joined SDC and acquired the shop manual.... We've done 3 or 4 moderate restores a year for flips and partnered at least one a year for the Phoenix auctions with a friend. However, these projects are a bit more complex than the others. The Champ is for flip and a bit of practice and familiarity with Studebaker technologies. Things like brakes engine and transmission are not that different between the two. The Speedster is for keeps.


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        I own a Speedster and can tell you that they are avery satisfying car to drive or show. When you have the time you might want to list the car with the Speedster registry at

        If there is anything I can help yu with just let me know.

        Regards, Murray
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