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Anyone with a horse pull Studebaker wagon?

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  • Anyone with a horse pull Studebaker wagon?

    While at the Billy the Kid Museum (the one in Fort Sumner), I saw they had one along with a car. There weren't right next to each other, but I thought it was great none the less both were under the same roof. Does anyone here own an old wagon? If so please post pics and some with your car if you've got one too.

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    Two summers ago we had a lot of Studebakers show up at the Dinosaur Place in Oakdale. Chip helped organize it and had his Packard station wagon there. A man was there with his team and Studebaker carriage. As I understand it he has many vintage wagons and some of the SDC people have multiple cars! I will look to see if I can find my photo and maybe there are some Nutmeg Chapter forum members who were present and can post a photo.
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      Here are a couple of pictures taken back in 2003 of my ca1913 Studebaker Dump Wagon, along with an advertisement for the original wagon.

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