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    I just took the driver door off the 63 Avanti and found a heavy L shaped brace immediately in back of the top door hinge. It was attached with two bolts into the outside of the door jam area and two bolts inside the door frame about an inch or so from the end of the hinge. See pic. Was this something Studebaker might have done, it is neatly done, strong and there is no door wobble, that can't be corrected with new pins. Ken, Deltaville , Va
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    Looks like a nice repair for a broken upper door hinge mount. I had an Avanti with a similar problem but the repair wasn't so pretty and didn't look too trust worthy. I got an unbroken door to replace it.



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      Ken, it was well done, the door is solid, and I thus thought Studebaker might have issued a modification. Alot of Avantis' had driver door hinge problems.


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        I did almost exactly the same repair to an Avanti that I currently have, and I think I did a thread about it, and posted pics.
        Gord Richmond, within Weasel range of the Alberta Badlands