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Lets play guess the studebaker parts!

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  • Lets play guess the studebaker parts!

    I have been slowly working on the Wagonaire and while looking for something I found these items. Anyone willing to take a guess? Anyone need them? I don't! LOL ! Thanks for the help!! Rich
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    ground straps?
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      But for what? I am guessing 6 volt?


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        Engine block side (valve lifter cavity) covers for a flathead six. BP
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          Thanks Bob!


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            Truly what would be called a valve cover. Overhead valve engines have rocker arm covers.

            I have the gaskets for those! Haven't had a flathead for a few years.
            Notice they have the valve adjustment tolerance stamped right in to them.
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              World's worst valve cover racer?
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                Originally posted by DEEPNHOCK View Post
                World's worst valve cover racer?
                Sounds like you speak from experience.


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                  the upper 3 straps would come in handy for extra grounds, frame to engine...
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                    Hey Rich How is the Wagonaire project coming along? Havent done much with the 283, because of nephews purchase of a 66 Daytona 2dr. Been working with him on closing up the holes in the floorboard.


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                      I could use the valve covers. Some PO put home-made covers on my 1950 2R5. Would like to return to original. Will send you a PM.

                      Charles Schneider


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                        Hi Tom, the wagonaire is coming along ever soooo slow. I just hung the passenger side front door,and am close to hanging the pass side rear door.All that so we can properly align the replacement right rear quarter panel. I had to completely cut the outer skin off the used quarter Bob brought me from California because he brought me the ENTIRE right rear quarter of the car! it came in handy for sectioning in a few pieces of rusted away inner fender which were a PIA to get welded with my 110V welder so the welds look like a beginners,but you won't see it. I trimmed almost as far up as needed till we lay the used skin over and make the final cut so there won't be a large gap to butt weld. I also started installing the new wiring harness. I have all of the motor wired and was ready to hang the dog house when I found a small rust hole in the firewall behind where the back edge of the front fender sits. That is next on the list so I can hang and try and align the front sheet metal. Such fun in the garage that never gets below 92 degrees! Good luck on the 66 floor boards.
                        Charles. please feel free to email me @
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                          AKA: I just glanced at your thumbnail and saw a flanged rear end. Is that a Studebaker unit or something else? Why I wonder is my impending 1962 Lark (probably) has the early style diff with those @#$%^&* knockoff hubs and I want to change over to the other style.

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                            That is a flanged model 44 Dana from another Stude.