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    Whatever happened to the clone on the Desert Explorer that the forum poster "Desert Explorer" was going to be working on? Any news? I see he hasn't been around for a while...


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      Wow what a neat film reel .... I cracked up at the narrator's comments as the truck and coupe were going over the rippled bumps talking about the suspension. He proclaims ... "Oh how smooth .... the driver could do this all day long" If you look the drivers are bouncing up and down and being jostled while driving ... not exactly "Oh how Smooth .... "
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        That's from "Desert Destiny", a Studebaker factory film. I too have been wondering about what's going on with the desert explorer clone build. I know some progress might be happening as the original DE fenders were shipped out to him sometime last year, anything past that I'm not sure. I wouldn't mind having a copy of the pickup! To me it looks like a "sleeper" of sorts because at first glance it appears stock...
        Chris Dresbach


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          Here's a shot of the truck. A photo of the '49 pilot model to follow...
          Chris Dresbach


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            Chris Dresbach


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              Who can come up with the best caption for this?!
              Chris Dresbach


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                Oh crap, high centered again!
                Originally posted by Chris_Dresbach View Post

                Who can come up with the best caption for this?!
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                  Thank you, I'll walk from here.


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                    Who said it's SMOOTH!! I'm out of here.
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                      "No, really, honey, your parallel parking IS improving!"
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