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Is this one for real ?

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    Originally posted by 2R5 View Post

    ...can't believe there isn't more pictures and also a reserve.
    ******************************************************************************** **

    Well, I for one, want to thank 2R5 for raising the alarm on this scam, as it surely was. There were a number of people who bid on the 'two-photo' Coupe-Express before it was exposed for what it was- a scam. I would bet that some of the bidders were Studebaker people, perhaps some of our co-forum folks. What a disaster for any of them if this sale had progressed to a final sale!

    We need a hawk-eye to raise an alarm when these things occur. When I read the eBay ad, I knew it had to be a scam as the text had been used elsewhere-word for word-in another setting. I'm ashamed I didn't challenge the ad. Kudos to 2R5 for saying something and then taking a jive for doing so. Good going man!

    Frank Drumheller
    Locust Grove, VA
    M16-52 Boyer-bodied 1948 fire truci


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      Another thing that can happen. Someone asks the guy if he has a Buy It Now price. Agrees to buy aand send a deposit or pay total amount. Never hears from again after paying.