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1924-1926 Rear Bumper Needed PLEASE HELP

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  • 1924-1926 Rear Bumper Needed PLEASE HELP

    I'm at Gettysburg and a fellow here is walking around with a sign that says he needs a Biflex Rear Bumper for a 1924-1926 part # 112767 and 112794 (left and right) or as a second choice part # 112743 and 112744.

    I asked him if he knew about this forum and how great you all are. He said he's not much into computers as he remembers crank phones. Let's see if we can help him with our new fangled network and show off how cool this is to be able to instantly help other SDC members. His cell phone is 908 770 9067. He is Bob Gleason. Any parts, or LEADS would be great. Please call ASAP.

    By the way Gettysburg is great. My cell is 908 489 6943. Thanks. Jim Glass

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    I am "BUMPING THIS" The guy who needs is is an older SDC guy and we need to help him locate this part. I met him at Gettysburg and his story is one of needing these parts to repay a debt of a favor someone did him...(long story) but right up an SDC alley...come on now find the guy these parts.