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1953 Champion Starlight

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  • 1953 Champion Starlight

    Hello all~
    Recently acquired a 53 Starlight, original and unmolested, but needing restoration.

    Can anyone help me with a little body tag information?

    Body tag under hood: 14G-C5 and stamped under : 3082
    Serial # tag inside door: GI2I8806

    83,829 mile car... original owner had 6 cylinder engine rebuilt back in 63 when he parked it in the garage. There it sat until 6 years ago when I first saw it... had been moved outside garage to give more storage.
    All complete, virtually rust free.

    Many thanks in advance!

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    Welcome Bryan to the Studebaker drivers Club and to the SDC Forum! You can join us to get the wonderful Monthly Publication "TURNING WHEELS" which you will thoughly enjoy at the top of these pages at a first time discount.

    Sorry, but all that says is, it is a 1953 Champion, Regal Coupe (top trim level) and it's the 3082nd. body of that type to be built on the body line, not final assy.

    The Serial Number: GI2I8806 (G-1,218,806) is the one million, two hundred and eighteen thousand, 806th. Champion Built. Which is the 21,305th. 1953 Champion of all models built that model year at the South Bend Plant.

    My math may be one or two cars off, the 1953 Champion starting Serial number at S/B was: 1,197,501

    Anyway all this means is, you need to order the Production Order (purchase) from the Studebaker National Museum in South Bend, IN if you want the Paint, and trim, Ign. key, trunk key numbers, options factory installed and shipped with the car, order date, build date, shipped date, sometimes the shipped to location etc.
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      Awesome start!

      thank you!



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        One other point - the "I"s in the Serial Number are 1s (ones).
        Gary L.
        Wappinger, NY

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        Studebaker enthusiast much longer