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  • Help identifing a radio

    My Dad loved Studebakers, and now I've inherited an old radio. (Studebaker-Philco) Help me identify which of you owners will need it please? model IC2100 S-5327, speaker attached, and schematic and stickers in good shape. We know it worked when it went on the shelf in the early 60's, Thank-you for ANY info.

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    Does the sticker have the Studebaker AC-XXXX Number on it?

    Those may be the Philco Numbers. Philco's were used 1947 to 1955 and probably earlier, so that MAY narrow it down some, any chance of a Pic of the face? That would do it.

    Push Button or Manual Tuning?

    Maybe like this?
    Click image for larger version

Name:	55SpeedsterDash.jpg
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      That's an AC-2300. 8-tube, push-button radio for a 1953 Stude.


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        And a very special WELCOME is to the SDC Forum!!!

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          Originally posted by Dwain G. View Post
          That's an AC-2300. 8-tube, push-button radio for a 1953 Stude.
          In 1953, the list price was $81.25 plus $5.14 for factory installation (a lot at that time).
          I used to have six to eight of those around, but now - none.
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            it has 5 push-buttons, the pic you posted LOOKS like it, there's no AC # (you're right, the numbers are Philco's ID#'s) it has the Hi-Med-Low selector
            Dad had a 55 Commander Starlight (?) (was a 2 door post) can't miss that wide chrome spear.
            I took off the knobs and faceplate, cleaned with warm water and a soft toothbrush and the Studebaker script is in perfect red paint. (the back of the faceplate has 56-9855) I'm hunting for a dash pic of a '53 to be sure, as Dwain G. seems to think it may be from one of those. (Uncles had a 50 Starlight Couple, a 54 Commander, Gramma's still got the 57 Goldenhawk.) Thank you so much for all the info.


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              If the radio has S5327 on the back of the radio, then it belongs to a 53 or 54 model car. The 55's have an S5527 or 5528 radio installed. All of the radios are the same electrically, the chrome bezels are different depending on the car model. If you plan on using the radio, then it should have an electronic restoration done as even if the radio happens to work now, it won't for very long. Bud


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                This is a '53 AC-2300 radio in my car. Otherwise known as a S-5327 per the SAMs Service manual. As Bud has said, the '53 - '55 radios are all basically the same except for the '55 have curved lower corners on the bezel. Also, the '53 does not normally have the little triangular civil defense marks on the dial. Mine now does since I swapped the glass from a '55 parts radio since the white lettering paint had peeled off my original glass. One other small difference is the '53 radios (and maybe the '54) have smaller levers for the tone and rear speaker control compared to the latter ones. I swapped those too since the larger ones are easier to use (probably why they were changed). A small detail that most would not notice.

                The AC-2301 radio is the cheaper one w/o the push buttons. It has a smaller speaker and less tubes in the power amplifier.

                Jeff in ND


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                  Thank you so much, Jeff and Bud, and the others!! This radio is EXACTLY like the one in Jeff H's posted photo, so it's a 1953, (thanks Dwain, sorry for doubting and double-checking) the bezel is squared cornered, the white lettering is clear and bright, it HAS the triangular Civil Defense marks as well!! "Job well done!" to all you posters for your help. Now what would be a FAIR asking price for this unit?? I'm not interested in gouging anyone, just want it to go to an enthusiast who is looking for one. Please bear in mind, this is an untouched,
                  and non-refurbished original, it's been sitting for 50 years, and according to Bud, it should be electronically restored.
                  DO I POST IT FOR SALE HERE? or just post it to E-Bay? I'm in Vancouver, Canada.


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                    Originally posted by Jeff_H View Post
                    ... I swapped the glass from a '55 parts radio since the white lettering paint had peeled off my original glass...
                    I've found that the lettering on the inside of the dial glass was painted AND embossed. If the #s come off, take out the glass, clean it (don't cut off any fingers from the sharp edges), find paint the same color as the original (off white), paint the #s, (You don't have to be TOO careful because....) after it dries, take a razor blade and cut off the excess paint. Really looks original AND lasts a long time.

                    I have yet to have the #s come off on any that I've "repaired". And you can paint the selector ball too--flourescent red, tho I've done some orange or yellow.

                    As for the difference in selectors, here is a pic of the difference between early and late. You can barely see 'em on the top one. (Which, by the way is also a '54 but with the early [no-CD triangles] dial glass. I, too, put the '55-style selectors on my '54. Of course, THAT radio is just for show. The real radio is in the glove box.

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