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    I don't have an official answer but please allow me share my opinion on this.

    I don't like it when the displayed cars are relegated to the parking lot or some other location in the far corner of the show field. I say lump the show cars and display cars together in their appropriate classes. Our local show just puts a little orange sticker on the cars to be judged. Display cars don't have them and this makes it easy to tell the difference.

    Anyway, I go to the shows to look at ALL the Studebakers whether show condition or not. Let's not segregate our Studes. I believe that this approach may lead to even more people bringing their cars to the shows.

    The good Gettysburg folks probably already plan to do this. If this isn't currently in the plans, it should be, and there is still time to make this adjustment.


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      The Chicagoland trio arrived safe and sound Weds. nite around 11 PM local time. Its a little over 700 miles for us. I like Rte 30 through IN and IL a whole lot better than the twists and turns going up and down mountains outside of Gettysburg. My only casualty of the trip was the ac crapping out halfway through Ohio. The rebuilt 400 and the newly installed 200R4 got me 22.8 mpg doing the speed limit. There is a wash rack at the back of the Eisenhower main inn, but only about 10' of hose. park close! Lot's of Avantis here.


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        Originally posted by IMJ View Post
        Hello all,

        Does anyone know for certain if a Studebaker can be displayed without being judged and if so must it be registered prior to Sat.? Thanks and have a safe commute!

        I arrived this afternoon. I am writing this from the lobby. I will walk over and check the sign. I believe that concours registration ends Friday. Just checked the sign - 5 PM Friday is the deadline.
        Gary L.
        Wappinger, NY

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          I'll be there friday and saturday. Driving my '60 HAWK. I'm the new Keystone Keynotes editor. Look me up and introduce yourself.
          Jeff Sheaffer
          Driving the past into the future