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Selling my 58 President 2 door hard top, maybe?

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  • Selling my 58 President 2 door hard top, maybe?

    I thought I would put this up here since I've been thinking about selling my car. This is not a perfect car but it's pretty damn close! I paid $8,100.00 for the car on ebay about 4 1/2 years ago. It came with a great paint job and new interior, all original colors and fabrics. I've spent over 25K restoring her. New motor, trans, driveshaft, breaks, tires, .................................... Just about everything on or in the car is new. I haven't installed the hill holder back into the car yet. It is a three speed on the cloumn with overdrive, power steering. It has the faux contenential spare tire on the trunk lid and 15" wheels. It took 1st place at the International show in Penn a few years ago. Everything that created a point deduction has been corrected. It's taken best of show 2x and it was invited to the concours show in central NJ last year. It has a new original battery, crank up radio antenna, new dash board, new window regulators and hand cranks. There is nothing on this car that needs to be replaced. Everythintg is correct to the year and car. I will not take less than 20K for the car (.) If you think you may be interested let me know. It's in NJ and I can send you all the pics you need. I find myself too busy to really use and show the car like I want to. So I've been thinking about selling it.
    Jim Rostron

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    Could you post a picture here for those of us who are merely curious?
    Don Wilson, Centralia, WA

    40 Champion 4 door*
    50 Champion 2 door*
    53 Commander K Auto*
    53 Commander K overdrive*
    55 President Speedster
    62 GT 4Speed*
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    64 Champ 1/2 ton

    * Formerly owned


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      If you go to the above site mine is I think the 4th or 5th one down. This site has the owners name, Jim Rostron
      Jim Rostron


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        Dave Lester


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          What a sweetheart! Of course I have a soft spot for 58's.


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            Holy smokes, what a nice car


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              All I can say is WOW , what a nice looking car .